Maramba, in collaboration with Project Backboard (USA) and Waza Centre d’Art (DRC), proudly presents Camp Maramba—a transformative initiative set to redefine the old railroad workers neighbourhood of Lubumbashi (DRC).

At its core, Camp Maramba embodies a seamless fusion of art, sport, and community engagement. Our vision is to breathe new life into the local landscape while honouring the rich cultural heritage of the region. Through a collaborative effort, we are crafting a bespoke basketball court adorned with motifs meticulously designed by The court itself will be a visual piece, with lines envisioned to be crafted from malachite—a copper mineral symbolizing both the region’s wealth and its historical conflicts.

Project Backboard funded a series of textile works by that serve as a visual representations of the basketball project.These works not only celebrate the visual language of basketball but also delve into its historical significance. From its roots as a tool to promote Christian values in colonized regions by organizations like YMCA, to its rise as one of the most beloved sports in Asia, and its pivotal role in addressing racial inequality in the USA, our works explore the multifaceted impact of the sport.

Our journey with the Maramba basket project has been one of meticulous planning and creative exploration. Together with our partners, we are not only creating a transformative piece of art but also laying the groundwork for the future development of Camp Maramba.

Moreover, the basketball project serves as a catalyst for the broader development of Camp Maramba. From 2024 onwards, we will embark on the development and design of the Camp Maramba Master plan in collaboration with Waza Centre d’Art. This comprehensive plan envisions a green space with integrated sports facilities and artistic interventions, inviting residents and artists alike to shape the landscape collaboratively.