Germaine Kadi / Ida Bulape /  Marie Jeanne Mbokashanga / Charo Mbawoto  /Petronie Lampa/Rachel Mbawoto/Rachel Bulape/Adrianne Machambolo /Hypolite Kwete/Veronique Kwet-a-ngata/  Naomi Mabintshi / Lucie Mbokashanga/ Patient Mingambengele/Helene Loa/ Bren Heymans

Futur-Velours.com is a non profit that wants to encourage an artistic dialogue between traditional artists in Ilebo in Kasai (DRC) and artists,designers,collectors and institutions.

This site gives a platform  to the women artists who continue the rich tradition of raffia embroideries in Kasai.

The Shoowa’s (velours/velvet de Kasai)   created in collaboration with the artists  in Ilebo are artistic experiments that  explore the medium . The hybrid fabrics that arise are a woven and embroidered dialogue.

Helene Loa directs the project from Kinshasa and our photographer/artist Mingambengele Patient documents the process of manufacturing the Shoowa’s in Ilebo.

We are up and running ,ready to take your orders.

Other projects:  www.brenheymans.com